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The Power
of Social Media !


Without a doubt the power of social media is an amazing resource with limitless possibilities. Facebook and Twitter are now part of the daily life and and habits of a vast majority. The impact of social media to provide news and information has revolutionized the ways we reach out to others.


The dual role of the user is not only to receive but also to send out information. This two fold process allows the user to feel strongly connected and involved and creates close and immediate interactions.


Many brands and businesses try to make their mark via social media , but it it is not always that easy.


Kiosk Social Media will allow you to create a "buzz" around your brand or event, by engaging users directly with your  business right from the start. 

This social media marker can become your point of contact to attract users and convert them into advocates of your brand as they share your promotional  offers.With Kiosk


Social Media , the power and reach of networking is at your fingertips

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  • Wix Facebook page
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208 million

users connect to these social networks in North America.


of free time on Facebook is on news trends.


"friends" is the average per person on social media.

17,6 times

is the average individuals spend on Facebook per day.


of Canadians, check their Facebook page daily.

14 million

users in Canada.

3 million

million users in Quebec.


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